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Acting may seem easy. Often enough actors fail to get the part because they lack in training and experience. There are many schools and classes that specialize in different entertainment fields such as commercial acting, improv., voice training, etc. Focus your training on what you are best suited for and most interested in. Professional training may cost a substantial amount of money; however, it will play an important part in your success. Be careful in your selections because there are many frauds. Always check references & credentials.

Auditions are the most vital part in obtaining an acting role. To learn more about the audition process and how to obtain audition information.
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photos / headshots
First step is to obtain photos or headshots In the entertainment business, appearance is practically everything. Lasting impressions come from that first glance. You must obtain the best headshot possible! Your headshot is your business card. Please remember that casting directors will only glance at your picture once, therefore you only have one chance to capture their interest. Professional photos are expensive, but you will not get very far without them. You can spend between $50 - $1000. Sometimes photographers are well-connected and may present a great chance to help you find a local agent or manager. click here

There are certain standards and guidelines for an actor's resume. Your resume must be well-written and professional. List all of your past and current training, experiences, talents, skills, contacts, etc. You can view a standard resume in our Portfolio Section.
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agents/talent managers
It is your responsibility to select an agent or manager, which is right for you. You can do so by simply sending out your picture and resume to all the agents/managers in your area. They will call you back if they are impressed with your picture and are interested in representing you. Every major city has well-established talent agents and management groups. Contact a few different agents/managers and see what they require. The key to success is retaining an agent/manager that is well established and experienced! Ask for references and credentials before signing any contracts. We advise you to work under a non-exclusive 1-2 year contract in order to make certain your agent/manager performs their duties professionally.
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