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Information and tips for getting your acting headshots and acting resume ready for auditions.

Acting agent and casting directors use your headshots to get a basic idea of your type when he or she is trying to cast you. A standard acting headshots is an 8x10 black and white photograph of a person's head. Headshots are considered "the actor's business card." Acting agencies will use your actor headshots to market you for acting auditions. An acting headshots is the first thing a casting director will look at before considering you for an audition or an acting role. You never know where you'll be when you meet an industry professional whom you want to impress, so many actors always have their 8x10 headshots available everywhere they go.

A beginner actor will have to hire a professional photographer who will capture your best features to create outstanding looking headshots. Your acting headshots should also be updated to present your current look.

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There are two main styles for acting headshots. One is used for film and television and the other one is for live theatrical acting. During the photo shoot, you should have the photographer take both types of acting headshots.

  1. Commercial Headshots: These acting headshots show an actor in the most polished, sparkly way he/she can be presented. Perfect lighting, perfect makeup. Think of these pictures as the type of face seen on television.

  2. Theatrical Headshots: These acting headshots can show an actor in a more casual, personable manner. These shots may be taken outdoors, for example, to present the actor in an accessible and warm manner. These shots are used for theater and film auditions.

Even if you just started acting, following these tips will help help you get the best actor headshots possible.

  1. Your acting headshots should look like you.

  2. Your actor headshots should show off your best features and personality.

  3. Do a "dress rehearsal" at home.

  4. Practice poses, smiles, and facial expressions in front of the mirror.

  5. Think about the kind of character type you might be portraying
    "the good guy"
    "the girl next door"
    "the villain"
    "the popular girl"
    "the housewife/mom"
    "the bad boy"

  6. Wear simple jewelry for your acting headshots. Don't wear anything that would distract from your face or that may look dated.

  7. Bring a variety of tops for your acting headshots. Different necklines will change the apparent shape of your face. Avoid turtlenecks. They will make your acting headshots look disproportionate.

  8. Your make-up should be clean and natural. Avoid bright and shiny colors on your face. Your acting headshots will be a close up. You want to look as natural as possible.

  9. Bring your last acting headshots if available. You can let the photographer know of any changes or improvements you want for your next set of acting headshots.

  10. After the photo shoot, get input on which acting headshots are best. Not just from the photographer, but also from friends, family, your agent and any other industry professional.

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Attached to your acting headshots should be an acting resume. There are certain standards and guidelines for an actor's resume. Aside from being well-written and professional, an acting resume should list your personal statistics: height, weight, eye color, hair color, and body measurements. Include all of your past and current training, experiences, talents, skills. Make sure to have your personal contact information (or the agency representing you) and a filmography (any plays, commercials, appearances, roles you've played). Sample of an Acting Resume >

Acting Headshot

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