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Information about acting schools, acting classes, acting coaches, and all other types of special training for actors and other performers. Find local acting schools, local acting classes, and local acting coahes in your area.

Just like any profession, education and training will help any actor perfect their craft. All other performers, including musicians, models, and dancers, always practice and require additional training. An acting carreer is no different – all actors have areas where they could improve in order to take on new and more challenging roles. The entertainment industry is the most competitive in the world. Going to acting schools, taking acting classes and acting workshops, will improve your acting abilities, teach you new acting styles and techniques, and make you better prepared for all of your acting auditions.

Acting schools, acting classes, and acting workshps can be given in a number of settings, including at universities, performing arts schools and private lessons. Some performers like big acting schools, acting classes, and acting coaches to get ideas and learn techniques from other actors, while some prefer one-on-one specialty training. Make sure to find one that is best suits your needs.

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If you want to immerse yourself in the world of performance, acting schools and performance art centers are the way to go. These schools are usually found within a community and offer a variety of acting, dancing, and singing classes. The classes are very intensive and focus on each aspect of performing. There are also film acting schools for those interested solely in screen acting.
Find Local Acting Schools in your area >

Acting classes are offered everywhere. Private acting coaches also offer regular group classes to anyone at a lesser fee than a private one-on-one acting lesson. If you believe you want to pursue an acting career, start acting classes as soon as you can and as many as you can. Even regular junion high schools and high school have classes and programs for students interested in acting, theatre, or any other type of performing arts. Colleges and universities specially have classes and programs that focus on the performing arts.
Find Local Acting Classes in your area >

If you are looking to improve particular acting techniques, choose an acting coah in your area. An acting teacher will be able to provide you with individual lessons and go at a the pace you want. Look forone with a lot of experience, both as an actor, and as a teacher. You want someone who is just as passionate about teaching as he is about acting, if not more so. A good acting teacher should also have some experience producing, directing, and writing, and will be able to help you with each role you need to study and practice. A private acting teacher can also help you with the material for all of your acting auditions.
Find Local Acting Coaches in your area >

In an acting workshop, you can play off the abilities of other actors while improving your own skills. Acting workshops can expose everyone to new ideas and techniques and usually focuses on certain acting styles. However, some acting workshops travel to different places and are only available for a certain time at each one. So if you find one you are interested in, make sure to sign up.
Find Local Acting Workshops in your area >

Performing art centers offer a wide vareity of acting, dancing, and singing classes for all ages and levels of experience, including begginner hip hop dance classes for young children to salsa lessons for adults. They offer acting workshops and put together talent shows to showcase their students.
Find Local Acting Workshops in your area >

Voice over actors require special training. Voice overs do not require any physical appearance or movement, using solely the sound of their voice and that requires a lot of practice narrating. Regular acting roles usually have voice-over parts. Therefore, all actors should definitely get additional training in voice over techniques.
Find Local Voice over Coaches in your area >

Music schools have very intensive programs geered towards specific studies, wether about instruments such as the violin or the piano, or particular dance styles, such as ballet or jazz. Serious musicians who aspire to master and be at the top of their field may choose to attend a music school instead of a traditional college or university. In these music schools, students take classes about music history and music theory.
Find Local Music Schools in your area >

Singing coaches will formally train you from the very basic notes to well into different styles and techniques. Even famous singers still continue to take singing lessons throughout their lives. Like any other talent, it can be practiced and improved upon.
Find Local Singing Coaches in your area >

Even though these specialty classes are not necessary for an actor, many acting schools and performance arts center offer them. Some acting classes incorporate musical or dance studies. It is always suggested for any performer to acquire as much training as possible. Any extra talents will give you more auditioning opportunities, and you will find more acting roles you're better suited for.
Find Local Dance Classes in your area >

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