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Information about reality TV casting, casting for reality TV, and casting tips for reality TV.

Casting calls for reality TV shows have been around for a while.  Candid Camera debuted in 1948, making it the granddaddy of reality TV casting.  Then came talent search-based reality TV shows like the Original Amateur Hour and Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts.  In 1992, MTV first broadcast The Real World, now in its 22nd season, followed by Road Rules, MTV's second reality TV show. When Survivor aired, it became the highest-rated TV show in 2001-2002 while American Idol topped all charts from 2004-2007. These shows became more popular than all the other regular shows and reality TV shows are now casting all types of people for all their shows.  There are reality TV casting calls for shows like Survivor, American Idol, Top Model, Dancing With The Stars, The Apprentice, Fear Factor, and Big Brother being held nationwide. Reality TV casting calls take place city by city where hundreds of hopefuls take their chance for stardom. Talent search-based reality TV shows involving dance contests and singing contests are specially popular, driving aspiring performers to all the casting calls. Reality TV shows are successfully syndicated in dozens of countries. As the success of reality TV continues, there are new shows being developed constantly.  Fox Reality TV is now devoting an entire channel to reality TV shows. 

Our site will give you access to the latest casting calls for all the reality TV shows, dance contests, and singing contests.  There are many reality TV shows now casting. In addition to our casting calls for aspiring dancers and singers, we have casting calls for reality TV shows that offer to turn any one of us into national celebrities, models, actors, chefs, millionaires, corporate bosses, brides or grooms, and almost anything else you can imagine.

Find local reality TV now casting in your area. >

Every season, hundreds of hopeful line up at all the major city at reality TV casting calls. Preparing ahead of time and following these important guidelines will help give you an edge over the rest.

  1. Instructions
    Every reality TV casting call will have particular instructions. Read them carefully and follow all of the instructions.
  2. The Audition Tape
    -Your reality TV casting call tape should not be more than 3 minutes long
    -Keep it simple. Highlight your personality, not your graphics or editing skills.
    -Have someone else film you so they can zoom in and out. Film with good lighting. Make sure there are no loud, distracting noise around you.
    -Show different sides of you, and also a regular day in your life: where you work, what you do, and one or two of your favorite hobbies.
  3. Written Application
    When describing yourself, give examples. If you say you’re “adventurous,” tell a story that proves it. Don’t lie, especially about your looks. After all, if you are cast, they will meet you in person. Reality TV shows also do background checks.
  4. Open Casting Call Interviews
    Usually, you get about 60 seconds for the first interview. Do whatever you need to do to calm yourself. Try breathing exercises. If you need to take a shot of alcohol before going to the casting call, go for it. Make sure to portray yourself exactly as you are: the hot girl, the funny guy, the dork, or the mean girl.
  5. Dress Code
    There is no need to overdress for reality TV casting calls. You should appear as you are. Remember, they want “regular” people on these reality TV shows.
  6. Photographs
    Send in a close-up picture of your face, and a full-body shot. Reality TV casting does not require professional pictures done since they want regular-looking people.
  7. Do not harass the casting directors
    Apply only once to reality TV casting calls. Some applicants have asked friends and family to call the casting directors for them. This will only annoy the casting directors and will more likely get you eliminated. If they are interested, they will call you.

For more Casting Call Tips
Read General Tips for All Casting Calls >

Reality TV shows are now casting for each new season. There are many different types and examples of reality TV shows that are very popular today and are broadcast all over the world to an audience with millions of reality TV fans. These reality TV shows have made regular people, aspiring performers, and even once-famous people into worldwide celebrities overnight. And more shows are being developed constantly. Read More >
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