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Read about the role of acting agents and modeling agents in the entertainment industry. Find local acting agents and local modeling agents in your area.

Acting agents and modeling agents are an important part of the entertainment industry. They are the go-to guys and represent all kinds of actors, performers, and models. Once an agent represents you, you are his or her "client."

Acting agents and modeling agents get information about acting and modeling auditions, submit acting headshots and acting resume, modeling portfolios and comp cards, or a performer's information for acting roles or modeling jobs, and negotiate the actor's or model's payments and contracts with casting directors, production companies, or ad agents, their client working for. In return, acting agents take a 10%-20% commission from your acting jobs or modeling jobs.

Many agents, casting directors, production companies, and ad agents work together, so working with the right acting agent or modeling agent can mean you are more likely to get more acting auditions. They have long-standing contracts with production companies to supply actors, models, or other performing artists for shows. Agents often get information on new casting opportunities, acting roles, or modeling auditions directly form the casting staff or production companies.

Acting agents and modeling agents can also help you explore other areas of the entertainment industry and help you gain all types of experience to give you practice and add content to your acting resume or modeling portfolio.

To find local agents in your area:
Browse our Agents Directory>

There are different types of agents for different types of talent and performance, from theatrical acting agents to child acting agent, who specialize in certain types of acting. There are also across-the board acting agents who represent actors and performers of all types. Read more >
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Talent managers are just like acting agents, but may provide more personal attention to their clients. Some actors, performers or models have personal talent managers to help them with their everyday affairs. They usually work very closely with each other and may even be related. Some personal talent managers work as their agent or alongside acting agents and modeling agents to book auditions and jobs. Read more >
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Modeling agents represent models working in the modeling and fashion industry. Most modeling agents also invest money into developing their models since models with training and experience are more sought after in the industry. Read more >
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Since agents only earn commissions from your jobs, they will only work with serious actor sand models with experience and talent. Below are the best ways to get an agent to represent you as an actor or model.

  1. Show them your work
    If you are an actor, getting acting agents to come see you act is the best way to find one that will represent you. If you are a model, bring your portfolio or any other past work you have done as a model even if it's amateur. If the agent likes your work then he will go ahead and take you as a client.

  2. Get Recommended
    If you know other people in the entertainment industry - another actor, performer, model, a casting director, a producer - they can recommend you to agents who might represent you.

  3. Send them your profile
    Sending your headshots, resume, and portfolio to as many acting agents and modeling agents as you can will increase your chances of finding one who will represent you.
    Submit your information to set up your online profile >

  4. Set up an interview
    Getting just an interview right away with an acting agent or a modeling agent will be very hard. But you can call up local agents in your area to see if you can make an appointment for an interview.

  5. At Agent Workshops, Acting Schools, or Modeling Schools
    Industry professionals, including acting and modeling agents, come as guest speakers or teachers to workshops and schools. You get the opportunity to perform, act, model, show them your work, and get advice from them.
    Find Local Workshops and Schools in your area >

Since an acting agent's or modeling agent's usual fee is 10%-20% of your earnings, an agent will only work with serious actors and models they believe have potential and talent. Agents usually do not consider actors or models without professional experience. Contact several acting agents and modeling agents to set up interviews.

  1. Be on Time
  2. Bring your headshots, resume, portfolios, or comp cards.
  3. Be original and interesting.
  4. Show them the most unique side of you.

By asking questions, you gain knowledge from a professional whether or not the agent decide to take you on a client.

  1. How many clients do they have?
  2. What kinds of jobs are those clients getting?
  3. What do they see as your type, and how will they be submitting you?
  4. What do they expect out of you?
  5. When and how should you contact them with questions and concerns?
  6. Do they have any other suggestions for you

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