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Arizona talent agent listings provided for actors and models searching for talent agents, acting agents and modeling agents in Arizona. It is not recommended to contact agents in Arizona without a professional portfolio.
*If you are a beginner, click here, we will contact talent agents for you.

The Young Agency
Arizona’s premiere talent agency. We represent Models, Actors, Singers, and Dancers of all ages, ethnicities, shapes, and sizes for local and national print, fashion, runway, television, commercial, and film/movie projects. Founded by Pamela Young in 1996, The Young Agency is a real licensed and bonded agency by the state of Arizona (no charges or fees to be represented).
The Barbizon Modeling and Acting Centers have been #1 in the industry since 1939. Over the last 65 years, many Barbizon graduates have gone on to become famous models, actors, and actresses.
Elizabeth Savage Talent
Elizabeth Savage Talent Agency (EST) is the largest licensed talent agency in the State of Arizona. We are a full service agency providing actors and models to the entertainment industry.
Flair Modeling Agency
Taking modeling classes from a professional center will train you how to walk the runway, to turn and pose, and expand your existing skills. Learn the guidelines you will need when you audition.
John Robert Powers
John Robert Powers founded the modern day billion dollar modeling, talent, and corporate training industry. From his many writings and published books Mr. Powers created the curriculum that is the core of the personality development, modeling and other course offered.
Leighton Agency Inc.
Leighton Agency inc is a maverick in the discipline of representation. Ruth Leighton’s raison d'être for over thirty years has been to provide Arizona’s premium actors, models, children and voice talent.
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The Young Agency
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