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Read about the roles of casting directors, casting staffs, and casting companies in the entertainment industry. Learn how casting notices are sent by the casting staff and casting companies to find actors, models, and performers.

A casting director is hired to cast talent for movies, shows, original features, commercials, TV programs, print work, fashion shows, runway, theatrical productions, commercials or even corporate and music videos. Casting directors assemble the casts that may include hundreds of actors, negotiate deals with the actors' agents and manage the contracts once the actors have signed. The casting director may be employed by the studio, own or work for a casting agency or be a solo operator. To understand and work in the entertainment industry, a casting director must study film and theater arts, such as acting and directing, as well as business management. They need to know how to negotiate contracts and understand the complexities of working with union employees. Casting directors must also be well-connected with everyone else who work in the entertainment industry.

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Casting directors are in charge of the entire casting process. They are responsible for the casting staff and the actors, models, and all other performers they hire for the project. Below is a step-by-step process a casting director goes through.

  1. The casting director must meet with the producer and the director and possibly the writer to understand the project.

  2. The casting directors must meet with the production accountant for information about the casting budget and the money that'll be used to pay the actors.

  3. The casting directors first reads the script and make notes about all the speaking parts.

  4. A list of possible actors is then created for the casting notices.

  5. The casting notices and information about available parts is given to talent agencies and Breakdown Services, a company that maintains a daily list of acting opportunities.

  6. Then the casting director contacts the actors or their agents to determine their availability.

  7. The casting director prepares casting notices and production schedule for supporting roles and more minor actors.

  8. The casting notices are also take to the producers and director for approval.

  9. Appointments are made for auditions or readings with the available actors.

  10. The casting director conducts the auditions with all the actors, models, and other performers.

  11. The casting director makes recommendations, based on the auditions, for each speaking part, but the director and producers make the final selections on who to cast for each role.

  12. Keeping an eye on the casting budget, the casting director helps to negotiate contracts with the actors or their agents.

  13. Casting notices are then issued for minor acting parts and the casting director also conducts those auditions.

  14. The casting director must then act as a liaison between the director and the actors, once contracts are signed

  15. If any actor, model, or performer can't fulfill their contracts, the casting director must find replacements, as needed, during production.

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