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Eminem (Marshall Mathers)

Marshall Bruce Mathers 3 aka Slim Shady was born October 17, 1972 in Kansas City, Missouri.

7 months later, his father left never to be seen by Eminem again but Eminem recently got a phone call from his father and Eminem freaked.

Eminem (Marshall Bruce Mathers 3) has a daughter named Hailie-Jade Mather. Hailie was born on December 25th, 1995. The mother of his child is Kimberly Scott. Kim was married to Eminem until they divorced. Eminem also published a song named Kim where he describes how he kills her and then a sequel called Bonni and Clyde, about him talking to
his daughter about going to the beach and throwing her into the water. No wonder that Kim filed a restraining order on him.Eminem's stage name was m+m standing for his initials.

Eminem cheated on Kim when he was 18. Eminem and Kim have been divorced in 2001. They are currently divorced, but Kim wants to get re-married because he will have more money now that his clothing line has come out. His clothing line (Shady Limited..aka.. Shady LTD) hit stores late this past summer. His clothes include hats, visors, and sportswear for young guys.

Without Me (Aftermath, 2002)
The Eminem Show (Aftermath/Interscope/Shady/Web, 2002)
Lose Yourself (Shady/Interscope, 2002)
Superman (Aftermath, 2002)
Sing For The Moment (Shady/Aftermath, 2002)
The Marshall Mathers LP (Aftermath/Interscope/Goliath Artists/Web, 2000)
The Marshall Mathers LP [Edited] (Interscope/Aftermath/Goliath Artists/WEB, 2000)
The Slim Shady LP [Edited] (Interscope/Aftermath/Web, 1999)
The Slim Shady LP (Aftermath/Interscope, 1999)
Just Don't Give A F*** (Aftermath, 1998)

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