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Read important advice and tips for dancers and dance auditions. Find local dance auditions.

As dance movies, dance TV shows, and dance competitions are becoming more and more popular, the demand for dancers in the entertainment industry is at its highest. Before heading out to those dance auditions, dancers should get all the advice they can get. Being as prepared as you can be will help any dancer do their best at those dance auditions.


  1. Find out if you have to prepare your own dance, what the required style is, and how long it should be.
  2. Learn as much as you can about your kind of dance
  3. Some auditions have strict dress codes. If there is no dress code, keep it simple. Pick an outfit you feel good dancing in.  Wear something that distinguishes you from the other dancers, such as a bright-colored leotard.
  4. Wear proper dance shoes. Each dance style requires a specific type of shoe.
  5. Bring water to drink.
  6. Arrive early so you’ll have plenty of time to warm up.
  7. Stretch to make your body much more flexible.  This is specially important before a dance audition.  Your dancing will look effortless the more limber your arms and legs are
  8. Take a few deep breaths and relax
  9. Stand in front so you can see the instructor easier. This will help you learn the routine faster and independently. Sometimes judges will pick dancers who are the quickest learners, not necessarily the best dancers. It  also means you're confident.  Some dancers rely on the front row to guide them through different dance combinations, but they won’t get as noticed.
  10. A smile will help express how much you love to dance.
  11. Stay positive throughout the whole audition process. Remember dance auditions are extremely competitive.  Sometimes casting directors look for specific qualities: a specific height or a certain hair color.  Rejection doesn’t mean you are a bad dancer.
  12. Learn from your experience. Dance auditions are a great way to learn and improve.  Watch the other dancers.  Pay attention to the instructor’s tehcnique and style.  See what dance steps you may need to work on.  Ask questions and listen to the other dancers when they ask questions
  13. If the audition requires singing, bring at least two selections of sheet music in legible condition; one up-tempo and one ballad. Be prepared to sing the best 16 bars.

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