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Search our entertainment industry and business directory for everthing you need. Find local photographers, agencies, casting directors, schools, film festivals and unions in your area.

Our directory can help you find industry professionals to help you through every step in your acting carreer or modeling carreer. Get access to local auditions and casting calls, connect to agencies, schools, and photographers nationwide, and find all the information you need about the different film festivals and actors guilds and unions.

Of course, the more auditions your go to, the higher your chances are of landing an acting role or a modeling job. The best way to learn more about the audition process is to get out there and audition. Our site has all the latest acting auditions. Whether you are an aspiring actor or model or looking to further your career, our goal is to bring all the auditions available.
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A talent agent is a person who finds jobs for actors, musicians, models, and other people in various entertainment businesses. Talent agents are helpful in the acting business, they can get inside info on all of the current gigs and they also take off all the stress of finding a job so that clients can focus on the audition.
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About Acting Agents
| About Modeling Agents

Casting directors are hired to cast talent for movies, shows, original features, commercials, TV programs, print work, fashion shows, runway, etc. Most casting directors only accept submissions by mail. Consequently, we do not suggest calling or stopping into an office without an appointment, as it will probably only aggravate the casting director.
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Independent film festivals are a great way for an upcoming director, screen writer, or actor to get exposure. Even many professional actors and directors submit to film festivals. Independent film festivals often garner great attention as the industry races to find the "next big thing" We've included listings of upcoming film festivals that may interest you.
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Photographs are the most important tool in the entertainment industry. You need to find a photographer that will capture the best in you. Remember that the rest of the people in the industry - graphic designers, casting directors, fashion editors, and fashion designers – are also all very visually oriented.
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Look for a teacher with a lot of experience, both as an actor, and as a teacher. You want someone who is just as passionate about teaching as he is about acting, if not more so. Look for a teacher who can direct, produce and write, as well as act. Look for testimonials and recommendations. Look for teachers who have a lot of working actors as their students.
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The main purpose of a union is to better the wages and working conditions of it's members. They negotiate the terms of contracts, length of working days, turnaround time, required school hours for minors, percentages that producers must pay into Union pension and health insurance benefits, etc. There are many unions to consider.


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