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Read important information on CAEA membership, CAEA eligibility requirements, CAEA benefits, and CAEA duties and responsibilities. Find out how to join the local CAEA branch in your area.

Canadian Actors' Equity Association (CAEA) is the professional association of performers, directors, choreographers, fight directors and stage managers in Canada engaged in live performance in theatre, opera and dance.

Recognizing that the arts are vital to life and that artists make an invaluable contribution to our society, CAEA supports the creative efforts of its members by seeking to improve their working conditions and opportunities.

The business of CAEA is to negotiate and administer collective agreements, provide benefit plans, information and support, and act as an advocate for its membership. Equity strives for fairness, integrity and compassion in all its endeavors.
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  • Health Insurance providing for the reimbursement of health-related costs for performers, including accident and sickness.

  • Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP): CAEA contracts require the engager to deduct six percent (6%) of each eligible members fee at source which goes directly into to the members RRSP. Members may make further contributions to their RRSP account.

  • E-Drive: CAEA's electronic subscription mailing list for auditions, job opportunities, call for submissions, workshops and ticket digest announcements.

  • National Task Force established by CAEA in 1994, the Task Force has been responsible for a comprehensive survey of members, training of Business Representatives and Council members, and negotiating clauses in its agreements with its partners to establish procedures to deal with harassment.

  • Reciprocal agreements protect hard-fought-for gains, achieved through solidarity and sacrifice, excluding unfair engagers not eligible to hire union members.

  • Tax Issues for Self-Employed Members to help members with any local or foreign tax questions.

  • Defaulting engagers is a list of those who still owe money to CAEA members so they can be aware.

Canadian Actor's Equity Association (CAEA)

Contact Information:
-National Office:
44 Victoria Street, 12th Floor
Toronto, Ontario M5C 3C4
tel: 416-867-9165
fax: 416-867-9246
Website: http://www.caea.com

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