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Join our talent search database and set up your online portfolio. Get discovered by acting agencies, modeling agencies, and casting companies.

Actors, Models, Dancers, Singers, and all other Performers
Along with actors and models, we also set up online portfolios for singer, dancers, and all other performers. As a member to our site, you will get an online portfolio, weekly updates, audition breakdowns, casting notices, online support, lists of reputable agencies, managers, schools, photographers, casting directors, production companies, unions, guilds and any other resources in the entertainment industry. Just let us know what you need, and we will find it for you. Registration is free, and if you need help with anything, you can contact us anytime.

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Casting Staff:
All casting staff submit your audition breakdowns to our website and we will post it in our weekly email news letter. Currently we have over 200,000 performers that subscribe to our weekly audition update news letter.

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An online portfolio is a web page or website containing an actor's or a model's information. It will include your headshots or comp card photos, resume, personal statistics, contact information, and agency or representation. Many actors and models try to promote themselves through the Internet by presenting online portfolios directly to talent agencies and casting directors.

Also, many casting directors now go online to search for potential talent. If they like your online profile, you will be called in for the audition. Casting directors search through our talent database, which includes photographs and virtual resumes of actors, actresses, models, singers, dancers, voice-overs, etc. Acting agencies, modeling agencies, and casting companie are able to search by location, age, origin, particular features, body measurements, special talents and any other specific information that the acting role or modeling job calls for.

Online portfolios are designed to save time and reduce the hassle of dealing with mailing actual photos and resumes.

Agencies, casting directors, and staff don't always have time to go through the traditional casting process where they send out audition breakdowns and wait for submissions, which may takes weeks, if not months. Sometimes, casting is done by talent search. This is when the casting staff search for talent that match the audition breakdowns rather than having just anyone come to the auditions. And nowadays, online portfolios gives casting companies access to all talent everywhere. By joining our talent search database, your profile, resume, portfolio, demo reel, and headshot will be available for acting agencies, modeling agencies, and casting companies to view. If you match any of the audition breakdowns, you will be contacted via phone or email with the details for the audition.

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Schools Find a school
Search for local acting and modeling schools.

Acting Auditions & Jobs

Find Acting Auditions & Jobs
Search for local acting auditions & casting calls in our area.

Modeling Auditions & Jobs

Find Modeling Auditions & Jobs
Search for local modeling auditions, model search, & modeling jobs in your area.

Fashion Styles

Fashion Styles
Different fasion styles for your photo shoot.

Posint & Photo Tips

Posing & Photo Tips
Tips to make sure your photo shoot is a success.

Information for Parents of Child Actors
What every parent of young performers should know about the entertainment industry

Talent Search Database Talent Search
Join our talent search database so casting directors & agencies can find you.

Business Directory Submit Auditions & Breakdowns
Casting staff - post auditions and breakdowns.

Talent Resources Need More Help?
Find and learn everything you need from our talent resource page.

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