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Everything you need to know about modeling. Learn how to become a model and get started on your modeling career. Find local auditions, agencies, and modeling jobs in your area.

Remember there are modeling auditions or go sees for everyone. There are different types of modeling jobs available everywhere. Marketing and advertising today is increasingly diversified to appeal everyone. Modeling agencies are looking for models of different looks, shapes, sizes, and ages. Our listings for modeling auditions (go sees), modeling agencies, modeling photographers, and modeling jobs are constantly updated online.

Below is all the information you will need - from modeling portfolios to types of modeling jobs you can apply for - to start or even further your modeling career.

An online portfolio is a web page containing an actor's or a model's information. It will include your headshots or comp card photos, resume, personal statistics, contact information, and agency or representation. Many casting directors now go online to search for potential talent. If they like your online profile, you will be called in for the audition. Read more >
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While on a school excursion in San Paulo, Brazil, Giselle Bundchen was eating a Big Mac when she was discovered by a scout from a top modeling agency.  She moved to New York to begin her modeling career.  Since you probably won’t be that lucky, there are other ways, like go-sees (or modeling auditions), open calls, signing up with modeling agency, model searches, or posting your modeling portfolio online and sending it directly to casting directors. Read more >

Before you can head out to that interview with the agency or to your first modeling audition (go-see), you will need to have your modeling portfolio ready. A modeling portfolio should include a resume of all your experiences and any special training or type of modeling jobs you fit in. It should also include a variety of photographs -headshots, full-body shots, fashion and swimsuit photos - that will show  your appearance and marketability. Read more >

The Composite Photo Card (or Zed Card) is what your modeling agency will use to market you.  A comp card provides a small collection of pictures and basic stats about a model on card stock or rigid paper.  Photographers especially maintain a comp card file for future projects and to show prospective clients. Read more >

Photographs are the most important tool in a model’s career.  There's guidelines, different fashion styles, and posing and photo tips to help you make the most of your modeling photo shoot. Read more >

Whether you are a freelance model or signed up with an agency, you need to employ an experienced photographer to take your headshots, portraits, and different fashion shots. Remember that the people in the modeling industry - photographers, graphic designers, casting directors, fashion editors, and fashion designers – are all very visually oriented. Read more >
You need to have a variety of high-quality images, and your modeling portfolio needs to be constantly updated. Since this can get pretty costly, you might want to search for photographers willing to do prints for time, "TFP". Either way, we can connect you the best photographers in your area.
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Modeling agencies represents its models working in the modeling and fashion industry. Most modeling agencies also invest money into developing their models since models with training and experience are more sought after in the industry. If a modeling agency doesn't have “open calls” or they are a long time away, ask to book an appointment or just drop by.  You should do this with as many modeling agencies as possible.  Tyra Banks was turned down by four modeling agencies! In 1991, Elite,one of the top modeling agencies in the world, signed her on, and 17-year-old Tyra headed to Paris for fashion shows. Read more >
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Remember there are modeling jobs for everyone. Marketing today is increasingly diversified to appeal to every group.  Below are different types of modeling jobs in the industry.  As you can see, there are a number of categories you might fit in.  The requirements always vary depending on the client, as well as the proportions of the model.  Modeling agencies are looking for models of different looks, shapes, sizes, and ages. Read more >

We have compiled some guidelines and tips to help, however models with training and experience are more sought after. Prospective models should study speech, dance, drama, and fashion design starting in high school. Models must take care of their appearance at all times. Skin, hair, nails, and clothes must be perfect, and models must know how to dress and apply makeup to achieve different kinds of looks. Read more >
There are many modeling schools specializing in teaching all of the necessary things every aspiring model should know.
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Modeling auditions are called Go-Sees.  This is when models go see a prospective client, a photographer, casting director, or fashion designer for a modeling job.  A go-see is like a job interview . After the go-see, a model may get a call back, be put on hold, and then book the modeling job. Read more >
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Remember there are modeling jobs for everyone. Marketing today is increasingly diversified to appeal to every group. The requirements always vary depending on the client, as well as the proportions of the model.  Modeling agencies are looking for models of different looks, shapes, sizes, and ages. Read more >
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Modeling Tips & Guidelines
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Model Search
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