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Learn about modeling auditions, tips for modeling auditions, and call backs. Find local modeling auditions in your area.

Once you have a modeling portfolio with your comp cards and modeling resume, you are ready to start going to modeling auditions. The casting staff for modeling auditions can be made of different people -casting directors, art directors, photographers, business owners, fashion designers, prospective clients, or modeling agents. But they make the decision on who gets the modeling job.  A modeling audition is just like a job interview .

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Modeling Auditions can be very nerve-racking. You have to look your very best in the shortest possible amount of time. Make sure to memorize all our tips for modeling auditions. Even though there is always room for improvements, there is none for mistakes.

  1. Be ready & prepared. Always bring your modeling portfolio, modeling resume and comp cards to the modeling audition.

  2. Make sure you arrive at the location for the modeling audition early enough to deal with difficulty in parking. But don't go inside right away. The casting staff may not be ready to see you yet or may be in the middle of something. Go in about 5-10minutes ahead of your scheduled time.

  3. Before going into the modeling audition, know what the modeling job is for.  If you are going to the modeling audition where you will be photographed as a businesswoman, and you have a photo or past advertisement where you are in a business suit, be sure to bring that photo. If you are being hired for an underwear ad, be sure to bring a photo that shows as much of your full body as possible and that you're comfortable with.

  4. Make sure to dress the part.  Like an actor, you need to ‘pretend’ to be the role or model type they are hiring. This will help the casting director or photographer at the modeling audition visualize how you will look with their product in front of the camera.

  5. Bring comp cards and copies of related photos with you. Make sure to leave behind after your modeling audition. Remember, comp cards are like business cards, and the casting staff or photographer will use them to remember you and will know how to contact you.

  6. Career networking is just as important at modeling auditions. it is not a bad idea to meet the casting staff and the other models to learn from them.  Ask them who are their favorite photographers? How did they become successful? They can give you advice and tips for future modeling auditions.

  7. Do not contact the casting staff, modeling agency, photographer or prospective client after the modeling auditions.  They’ve seen what you look like and have your contact information.  If they want to hire you, you will hear from them
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Getting A Call-Back
A callback is basically a second modeling audition for the same modeling job.  You do not have the job yet.   After reviewing all the models, the casting director called back to pick you to be part of this smaller list.  After the call-back, you will either hear or not hear anything, get book for the job or get put on ‘hold’. 

Being Put on Hold
Being put on hold means you have been selected for the modeling job.  However it may be canceled, postponed or the casting director chose to have extra models than needed for the modeling job.  By agreeing to be put on hold, you agree to hold that time slot open for that modeling job. If you are not released from the hold at least 24 hours prior to the actual photo shoot, it is standard for you to get paid regardless of if you participate in the photo shoot.  If something better comes along that is also being shot during that same time, you can contact the casting director and ask them to either commit to hiring you or release you from being put on hold.

Booking a Modeling Job
If you are ‘booked’ for the modeling job, you were hired, will earn money, and simply need to show up at the photo shoot on time. If you accept the modeling job, you agree to participate in the photo shoot, you should have had ample time to make a decision of whether you want to do the modeling job and should not cancel.  If the client cancels less than 48 hours in advance, you should receive some sort of cancellation fee.Read more >
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