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Information and tips about modeling conventions and the modeling industry. Find local modeling conventions in your area.

The entry fees for modeling conventions are expensive. At modeling conventions, there are representatives from different modeling agencies from all over the world. In addition, modeling conventions will also have designers, fashion experts, photographers, casting directors, modeling schools, stylists, and appearances by famous people.

This is a great opportunity for you to meet with modeling agencies worldwide. Some of them may want to do a serious interview with you. Make sure to bring an updated portfolio with your best pictures and lots of comp cards. You can also learn a lot more about the industry in general.

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  1. An Entry Fee
    If you are really serious about your modeling career, the entry fee for a modeling conventions is worth it.
  2. A lot of professionals from the modeling industry
    Modeling conventions will have representatives from every aspect of the modeling industry all over the world. They use this time to network with each other as well as search for new models they can work with.
  3. Interviews with modeling agencies
    If a modeling agency finds you interesting, they will want to interview you. It may be a brief interview. Show them your portfolio and make sure to pass out your comp cards to everyone.
  4. Finding local businesses
    Local business that cater to the modeling industry will also be there. This includes modeling schools, local modeling agencies, and fashion designers looking for models.
  5. Meeting other models in your area
    This is a great way for you to network and get recommendations from other models around you. You can also meet some new friends who are at the same stage of their modeling career as you.

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Modeling Tips & Guidelines
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