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Read about the different fashion styles for your modeling photo shoot

Different fashion styles will help show off your diversity as a model. Make sure the photo shoot includes different fashion styles.  Remember your modeling portfolio and comp card need to show a diverse set of photographs and poses. These same fashion styles are also needed for modeling jobs, so knowing them will help you figure out what type of modeling you might fit into.

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  1. Headshots / Beauty Model Photos
    Headshots or beauty model photos are close-up full face shots or head and shoulders, typically seen on fashion magazine covers.  These photos require meticulous make-up and retouching.

  2. Swimsuit Model Photos
    Swimwuit model photos will show off your body.  It should be included in most model’s portfolio.

  3. Fashion Photography / Fashion Model Photos
    For this type of photo, models must wear the most current fashion trends. Try solid colors are best. Loud prints can be distracting. 

  4. Glamour Model Photos
    If you are going for glamour modeling, make sure to have glamour photos in your modeling portfolio. For this type of comp card photo, you need to sexy poses and more implied shots.

  5. Editorial Model Photos
    With editorial shots, use your imagination.  Choose clothing that shows your versatility.

  6. Commercial Photography / Commercial Model Photos
    Pretend that you are promoting a particular product in an advertisement.

  7. Lingerie Model Photos
    These depict the models in pieces of lingerie either for particular designers or magazines. 

  8. Implied Nude Shots/ Implied Nude Model Photos
    In “implied shots,” the model will be in a sexual pose and appear to have little or no clothes, but no private body parts will actually show on the printed photographs.

  9. Nude Model Photos or Figure Studies
    If a photographer specifies “figure studies,” expect to be asked to remove all your clothes.  This is exactly as it sounds.  You will be naked in the photographs.

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