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Released 1995
MPAA: Rated R for brutal medieval warfare.
Runtime: 177
Country: USA
Language: English / French
Color: Color (DeLuxe)
Sound Mix: DTS / Dolby Digital

In the late 14th century, Scotland's king has died, and left no heir. Ruthless English King Edward I (Patrick McGoohan) seizes the throne, thus demanding the allegiance of the unwilling Scots. William Wallace (Mel Gibson), whose wife Murron (Catherine McCormack) is murdered in retaliation for his opposition to the King, vows to avenge her death--and his father's when William was a boy-- by leading his ragged army of fellow Scots against overwhelming odds and a powerful English army.

His courageous group of volunteers is outnumbered and poorly equipped, but their devotion to their cause attracts the attention of nobleman Robert the Bruce (Angus MacFadyen). Robert and other Scottish nobles are wary of fighting against Longshanks, since they have been allowed to keep their land; it takes the continued determination of Wallace and his growing number of men to slowly gain their support.

Longshanks' French-born daughter-in-law, Princess Isabelle (Sophie Marceau), is duped into delivering a message to Wallace for a peaceful surrender; meanwhile, he has already ordered troops to trap the unsuspecting Scots. Horrified that she has been tricked, the Princess sends her servant to alarm Wallace. Unsatisfied in her marriage and attracted to Wallace's noble cause, she becomes his lover and ally.

Wallace is eventually captured and mercilessly quartered, leaving his men without a leader. The army gathers to surrender to the English. Guilt-stricken and tormented, Robert the Bruce vows not to let Wallace die in vain, and leads the heroic Scots into the final battle that wins their freedom.

Released By: Paramount Pictures
Director: Mel Gibson
Cast: Mel Gibson, William Wallace
Sophie Marceau, Princess Isabelle
Patrick McGoohan, King Edward I (Longshanks)
Catherine McCormack, Murron
Angus MacFadyen, Robert the Bruce
Brendan Gleeson, Hamish
David O'Hara, Stephen

Production Cost: $72 million
Box Office Earnings:
$202.6 million (worldwide)

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