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We have photographers in Mississippi listed in various cities. Click on your local area from the selection below to see the top photographers.
Photographer locations:

Putting together a professional portfolio is an absolute MUST for all aspiring entertainers! If you are trying to get your foot in the door, your headshots are your key. It is important to your success in the industry to select a well-established photographer that can capture your best features to create outstanding looking headshots.

Headshots / Photos for actors and models
A black and white photograph of a person's head is considered standard acting headshot. An 8x10 headshot is often thought of as "the actor's business card", for the serious actor professional, aspiring actor or otherwise, an actual headshot is one of the most critical tools in your marketing arsenal. You never know where you'll be when you meet an industry professional whom you want to impress, and most actors carry 8x10s around with them everywhere they go.
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Comp cards / Modeling photos
Comp cards are an excellent model marketing tools for promotion and exposure. In today’s competitive world of modeling and entertainment, every chance encounter could be a job opportunity. Modeling and entertainment are a business and in any business one factor among many affecting your degree of success is your marketing material.
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A quick guide to looking good in pictures!
At some point in our lives, we’ll most likely be asked to pose for a professional photographer—for an engagement announcement, family portrait, or work-related event. As most photographs in drivers’ licenses and passports show, it’s not necessarily a happy occasion. We appear frozen with fear and discomfort, as if facing a firing squad instead of a camera. Yet the experience need not be so torturous, or the outcome so depressing. To come across as confident, even radiant, simply follow the clever tips below.

Working with the photographer
1. You’d never hire a cat-sitter or house painter without a prior meeting, nor should you a photographer. Ask friends and co-workers for recommendations, then study his portfolio or book of photographs.

2. Share your intentions for the photo, even bring along samples from magazines to communicate the look you’re after.

3. Don’t show up late. Don’t tell the photographer how to set up lighting. And do not refuse to cooperate. An irritated photographer may not take the time to capture your best qualities.
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