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We have listed some of the top performance schools available. You can also click here and submit to all of your local schools for more information about them.

If you own a performance school, click here to list your business with us.

Josh Carmichael Acting Studio Josh Carmichael Acting Studio
Actor / Director / Coach
(832) 656-1643
A Coaching Program that works. See How "I CAN HELP" you in Life, Love, Career and Happiness. 7 Steps that will unlock the blocks and free the self that has been waiting inside. Mr. Carmichael has been speaking as well as coaching since 2004. He has been hired to speak at middle and high schools around the country. From Kansas, to Texas, New York and Los Angeles, Josh continues to enrich the lives of others by giving TEENS a bit of INSPIRATION.
Coach Jeanna Carter Coach Jeanna Get Started Today! (818) 861-9136
Coach Jeanna is a service company that works with the busy professionals, students and entertainers. Healthy Lifestyle is our focus. We help shift your attention on what really matters. You. By reducing distractions and keeping you on track so you can shine. From health and nutrition, etiquette to time management and professional development, audition help to industry knowledge?  We got you covered.
Call or Email: Jeanna@coachjeanna.com
MMD Entertainment MMD Entertainment (347) 960-6555
Artistic Director Miriam Morgan came from being a professional entertainer in the industry for over 15 years to developing hundreds of young aspiring dancers, singers, actors/actress and models into triple threats. Using her own experience in the industry, Miriam teaches the knowledge of the business and how to be successful in the business.
Kimberly Jentzen, Living the Art Institute Living the Art Institute (818) 779-7770
From creation to execution, no one helps you find that artistic fuel the way Kimberly does. Voted the top acting coach in Los Angeles by BackStage. Discover how to OWN IT, eliminate fear and reservations, creating an honest character from beginning to end. Free class Jan 6. RSVP to info@kimberlyjentzen.com
Aperio Solutions Ben Miller Aperio Solutions (323) 385-9537
At Aperio Solutions our goal is to encourage clarity of thought, ease of expression and freedom of movement in every area of human endeavor. We intend poise and authenticity as a means of meeting challenges in today's world. We seek to foster creativity and prosperity through the use of the principles of the Alexander Technique.

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Josh Carmichael Acting Studio

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