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We have listed some of the top performance schools available. You can also click here and submit to all of your local schools for more information about them.

If you own a performance school, click here to list your business with us.

MMD Entertainment MMD Entertainment (347) 960-6555
Artistic Director Miriam Morgan came from being a professional entertainer in the industry for over 15 years to developing hundreds of young aspiring dancers, singers, actors/actress and models into triple threats. Using her own experience in the industry, Miriam teaches the knowledge of the business and how to be successful in the business.
Wright Model & Talent Wright Model & Talent (757) 873-3444
Wright is a full service modeling and talent agency, representing male and female ages 5 and up. Development workshops are small, with an emphasis on personal attention. The programs are carefully prepared to ensure that each student acquires the knowledge, confidence, and skills required in the fashion capitols around the world.
The Model Studio website
Get started in modeling or acting today. The best shots, the right advice that can help you in the industry. Go with the pros. Call Today, (212) 560-9700
Colleen Cler Agency website
The Colleen Cler Agency now celebrating over 23 years in business has grown to be LA's largest children's talent agency. We pride ourselves on prompt courteous service, qualified bookers, and informed parents.
Jet Set Models website
Jet Set Models are a melting pot of color, talent and natural beauty. They work consistently with market leading brands such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Target, Pac Sun, Kohl's and JC Penney.
LA Models website
In just over 20 years of operation in the fast-paced, high-stakes world of modeling, founder Heinz Holba has built L.A. Models into one of the most powerful and successful agencies in the industry. Since the early 1980s, Holba has worked tirelessly to bring a significant international modeling presence.
Q Model Management website
Q models have appeared on countless covers or pages of the world's leading fashion magazines as well as capturing an impressive amount of prestigious advertising campaigns. The success of Q Online has made meeting the needs of fashion designers.

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