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We have listed some of the top performance schools available. You can also click here and submit to all of your local schools for more information about them.

If you own a performance school, click here to list your business with us.

The Ruskin School of Acting Ruskin School of Acting (310) 390-4212
John Ruskin was Sanford Meisner's apprentice, first studying with the master at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre in New York City. Anthony Hopkins as well as many other guest teachers have taught the Master class. The school offers classes in Alexander Technique, voice, movement, and Commedia dell'arte. The school also offers a six-week introduction class in the Meisner Technique throughout the year. Call or email info@ruskinschool.com
John Davies Music John Davies Music (323) 850-3580

Yes! Professional vocalists train with John but complete beginners ARE very welcome! John is a professional singer and recording artist who is happy to share his time doing what he does best: listening to YOUR VOICE and helping YOU OWN your voice. If you have any VOCAL EMERGENCY or just a general voice question, call John. Singers, actors, voice-over artists, professional speakers, attorneys and all people who need their vocals enhanced will be listened to, given the most careful advice and trained to use their voice properly, consistently.

AIDA Australian Institute of Dramatic Arts AIDA Australian Institute of Dramatic Arts (323) 378-5319
A Nationally Accredited Acting School with trained teachers and over 8 year history of its actors booking work in all mediums in the USA, jobs overseas, and performed in Showcases including a national tour in 2009 from Los Angeles to San Francisco to Off Broadway in New York! AIDA Actors have booked nearly every television. Month to month classes or 1or 2 year Degree programs are available.
VoiceTraxWest VoiceTraxWest (818) 487-9001
With over 15 years experience in the Voice Over recording industry, VoiceTraxWest is the perfect location for your next recording session. VTW is a comfortable, fun, cost effective, full service recording studio, boasts plenty of free parking and is surrounded by great take out, shopping and nightlife. Record your next project and then have Dim Sum!
Sally Morgan Vocal Power Tools Vocal Power Tools (914) 217-0902
Sing Like You Speak: Simply and Naturally. Learn the secrets of effortless star power singing with top NYC voice teacher Sally Morgan. Beginner or Professional, this method will lead you to the simple power and natural ease you have been searching for. Sally Morgan has been training successful singers and speakers for over 25 years with her brilliant Morganix Method™. This is NOT your traditional vocal technique.
Voiceover Connection, Inc. (213) 384-9251
Dolores has performed for, and has taught voice acting to more than 100,000 men, women and children in live classes and professional audiences of from 6 to 700 people; has taught on Closed Circuit Educational TV, also across the Country by phone. Excellent training and satisfaction guaranteed.
Mastering Voiceover (310) 827-3500
Voiceover classes and private coaching from beginner to pro Taught by Dan Balestrero author of the nationwide best selling home study CD course Mastering The Art of Voiceovers. Complete Professional training and demo production. Dans clients have worked for virtually all the major ad agencies.

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The Ruskin School of Acting

John Davies Music

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