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Search for free auditions and casting calls in your local area
ACTINGMODELING provides all the resources you need to connect and learn everything you need to know about the entertainment industry. We have the best internet solutions for new and upcoming actors and models. We find auditions and casting notices nationwide as well as local acting and modeling jobs in your area. Through our website, you can find photographers, schools, and agencies. Our tips and guidelines are there for you to follow every step of the way.

We list everything you will need to have before you can start your acting career or start your modeling career. The entertainment industry is competitive and cutthroat. You need to be prepared and just like with any other career, learn everything. ActingModeling will help you through the entire process.

Acting may seem easy, but it requires talent. If you are an aspiring new talent, we will provide you all the information you need to know about the entertainment industry. We work with photographers, schools, acting agencies and casting companies worldwide.

Thinking you want to be the next big Reality TV star? Are you a dancer who always wanted to be in movies or TV? Or do you want to start out as a movie extra?

Our resources, acting tips and guidelines will help through the whole acting audition process and cast you into the perfect role.

Modeling is a very competitive industry. But remember there are modeling auditions or go sees for everyone. There are different types of modeling jobs available everywhere.

Remember that marketing and advertising today is increasingly diversified to appeal everyone. Modeling agencies are looking for models of different looks, shapes, sizes, and ages. Modeling agencies are looking for bodypart models, glamour models, plus-size models and maternity models to cater to their diverse clientele.

Our listings of modeling agencies, photographers, and schools are constantly updated online.


We search for acting auditions and modeling auditions so you don't have to. Your online portfolio will allow casting companies to see your photos and resume right away. Every week members receive a free, audition list update. Review each casting breakdown to find roles that match your description. Submit your online portfolio for each audition role you're interested in. And off you go. So what are you waiting for?

You must complete a FREE online application to receive multiple casting listings.

We post hundreds of auditions weekly:
Feature Films Television Shows
Independent Films Reality Shows
Student Films Music Videos
Documentaries Commercials
Live / Theatre Movie Extra
Print Fashion Runway

Our online business directory has a complete list of agencies, managers, acting and modeling schools, photographers, casting directors, unions and guilds. Everything you need to connect directly to the entertainment industry.

View a list of acting and modeling resources in our directory Acting Agents & Talent Managers
Modeling Agencies
Casting directors
Film Festivals
Guilds & Unions

Actors and models, search for free auditions in your local area
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Talent Resources
We provide you with all the resources and guidelines you need to start your acting or modeling career. Plus we connect you to the to the rest of the entertainment industry in your area.

Find An Agent Find an Agent
Search for local acting agencies and modeling agencies in your area.

Find a Photographer Find a Photographer
Local photographers for headshots, comps cards, and portfolios

Find a School Find a School
Search for local acting schools and modeling schools.

Acting Auditions & Jobs Find Acting Auditions & Jobs
Search for local acting auditions & casting calls in our area.

Modeling Auditions & Jobs Find Modeling Auditions & Jobs
Search for local modeling auditions, model search, & modeling jobs in your area.

Acting Audition Tips & Guidelines Acting Audition Tips & Guidelines
What you need to know before your audition.

Modeling Tips & Guidelines Modeling Tips & Guidelines
Valuable information for all aspiring models.

Dancers Information for Dancers
Learn about dance auditions and dance styles.

Tips for Parents of Child Actors Information for Parents of Child Actors
What every parent of young performers should know about the entertainment industry.

Acting Monologues Monologues for Men, Women & Children
Find examples of popular dramatic & comedic monologues for men, women, & children

Talent Search Database Talent Search
Join our talent search database so casting directors & agencies can find you.

Talent Resources Need More Help?
Find and learn everything you need from our talent resource page.

Business Directory List your business
Get connected directly thousands of actors, models, and performers nationwide.


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