How to Be a Movie Extra

Interested in movie extra or background actor jobs? Then use our guide below. Being a Movie Extra: Step 1 Understand What a Movie Extra Is In the entertainment industry, movie extras are more often called background actors. They fill up a scene whether on the street, a crowd in a market or sports game, or as other diners in a restaurant, and surround the actors to make the scenes feel more authentic. Be prepared to say “Excuse me” or “Thank you,” but these are usually non-speaking roles. Movie extra [...]

How to Choose a Monologue for an Audition

Every actor should have a well-rehearsed monologue and should be ready to perform it when meeting with an acting agency or a casting director. Here are  acting tips for choosing a monologue for an audition. Choosing a Monologue: Step 1 Find out what type of production you are auditioning for. Is it a play or a movie? Is it a drama or a comedy? You need to choose a monologue that will be similar to what you are auditioning for. Pick a monologue that fits your look, age, and [...]

How to Prepare for an Acting Audition

Our acting tips will guide you through the audition process. Preparing for an Acting Audition: Step 1 Research the Production Try to find out as many details about the production as you can. Research the director and his past works. You can also search online for any similar shows or productions so you have an idea of what the audition will be like. Research the Role If you know what role you are auditioning for, research similar parts and imitate them. Practice the role. This will make getting into [...]

How to Prepare for a Modeling Audition

Use this guide to help you prepare for a modeling audition. Preparing for a Modeling Audition: Step 1 Hair and Make-Up Modeling agencies want to see you as a blank canvas so wear light make-up and natural colors. Mascara, concealer, and lip color should be enough. Pick natural colors. DO NOT use bright eye shadow or dark lipstick. Take out any face piercings. Your hair should also be simple, don’t over style it. And DO NOT get a new hairstyle right before the audition because it might not turn [...]

How to Find Auditions for Modeling

Use our step by step guide to finding auditions for modeling and start auditioning. Finding Modeling Auditions: Step 1 Create an Online Modeling Portfolio Create a digital modeling portfolio. It should include 10—15 photos, your  modeling type, and all your experience. Also include your personal statistics – height, weight, hair color and eye color. Modeling scouts and agencies search online and this way they can see your portfolio right away. If they like it, they will call you in for an audition. Use Social Media Nowadays, social media can [...]

How to Find Auditions for Acting

Our audition guide will help you learn how and where to find auditions for acting. Find Auditions: Step 1 Find Auditions for Local Theater and Productions You can find theater auditions and in local theater listing. Local productions such as videos and commercials will be advertised in the newspaper. If you just started acting, take every opportunity to audition because every experience will help. If you are close to a major city, make sure to check out their newspaper ads because there will be even more opportunity. Find Auditions: [...]

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