Ballet Dance Auditions

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Are you a dedicated ballet dancer? Read our guide to learn about this popular dance style and how to find ballet dance auditions.

Ballet Dance History

Ballet originated in 16th century Renaissance Italy and became very popular in countries such as France and Russia. At first, amateurs performed on a court stage for aristocrats. It developed as […]

Audition Tips to Impress the Casting Director

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Really impressing the casting director will set you apart from all the other actors auditioning for the same part. Here are some of our simple audition tips.

Audition Tips 1: Research the Production

Try to find out as many details about the production as you can. If you know what role you are auditioning for, research similar parts […]

Salsa Dance Auditions

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Love salsa dancing? Read our guide to learn about this popular dance style and how to find salsa dance auditions

Salsa Dance History

Salsa dancing originated from Cuba in the late 1800’s and every Latin American country has their own style. It fuses African and Spanish inspired rhythms and  mix flamenco and ballroom styles. You usually dance […]

What Are Casting Directors?

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If you’re wondering what casting directors are, you’re not the only one. So we made a list of duties of the casting director to help you understand.

Duties of the Casting Director

  1. Meets with the producers, the director, and the writer to understand the production.
  2. Goes over the casting budget and how much to pay actors […]

Jazz Dance Auditions

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Love jazz dancing? Read our guide to learn about this popular dance style and how to find jazz dancing auditions

Jazz Dance History

During the jazz age, popular forms were the Black Bottom, the Jitterbug, the Boogie Woogie, and the Lindy Hop. Later, jazz was popularized by Bob Fosse and Broadway musicals like “Chicago.”

There are many styles […]

How to Audition for Reality TV

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Want to be on TV? Here’s our guide to reality TV auditions for everyone.

Reality TV Auditions: Step 1

Decide What Type of Show

Do you have any special talents like singing? Then audition for “The Voice.” Many shows feature dancers  like “So You Think You Can Dance” or “America’s Got Talent” that welcome all dance styles. Looking to […]

Audition Tips for Models

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Read our modeling audition tips to help you nail your next audition!

Modeling Audition Tips 1: Research the Client

Read the audition call carefully. Research the client so you know what you are auditioning for. Is it for swimsuit modeling? Then bring your own bikini with you. Moisturize, shave, and make sure your skin and body look […]

Audition Tips for Actors

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Read our acting audition tips to help you nail your next audition!

Acting Audition Tips 1: Have Your Headshots and Acting Resume

Your headshots needs to be up-to-date with current photos and look professional. Include your personal statistics – height, weight, age range, and any special talent – languages, skills like dancing, singing, or playing any instruments. […]

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