How to Audition for Reality TV

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Want to be on TV? Here’s our guide to reality TV auditions for everyone.

Reality TV Auditions: Step 1

Decide What Type of Show

Do you have any special talents like singing? Then audition for “The Voice.” Many shows feature dancers  like “So You Think You Can Dance” or “America’s Got Talent” that welcome all dance styles. Looking to […]

Popular Dance Styles

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Read below for some of the most popular dance styles featured on TV, movies, shows, and competitions.

Hip Hop Dancing

Popular since the 1970’s, hip hop dancing includes many styles. Hip hop dancing includes breaking, locking, popping, and funk. You can combine the dance styles.

Dance studios teach classes for adults and children, but many hip hop dancers become […]

How to Find Dance Auditions

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Want to become a professional dancer? Use our guide to help you find dance auditions so you can start your career

Find Dance Auditions: Step 1

Practice and Training

Before breaking into the industry as a dancer, you need practice and training. Perfecting your dance style, building and stamina, and keeping a fit body are important for dancers.

Take […]

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